CROWN REGENCY - Includes Daily Breakfast, Buffet Dinner Just PHP5,550 per person - BOOK TODAY!


PLANTATION BAY - 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS PHP15,368.00 per person Daily Breakfast, Free Lunch, Free Airport Transfers, Twin City Tour - BOOK TODAY!


SARROSA INTERNATIONAL - Daily Breakfast, Twin City Tour, Airport Transfers PHP6,650 per person - BOOK TODAY!

Cebu Tours

Are you searching for the best Cebu Tours? Search no more. You have come to the right website presented to you by one of the trusted and respected company for Philippine tours, WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila. You are rest assured that we will provide you the best Cebu experience and tour guides that will help you all through out your Cebu Tour. Discover the fun and beauty that Cebu city has to offer and most of all, have the happiest vacation with your family or friends.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency has carefully planned the packaging of each Cebu tours for your convenience and enjoyment. We have picked all the Cebu's famous tourist spots for you to visit and experience. You will definitely see the amazing beauty of what Cebu has taken care for the past years. Please be reminded that if you want to include any special tourist spot/s for your Cebu tour, we would also love to help you with your very own tour packaging. You can always contact us through our official website, WOW Philippines Travel Agency or visit our Bohol Tours website.

Cebu City Day Tour

This day tour is gathered and prepared by our skilled travel agents who has the highest concerns for your personal wants and needs. It is available and suited for any ages, where in you can invite your family or friends. Don't worry because the WOW Philippines Travel Agency included a mode of transportation for you to use in their Cebu Packages website. The Cebu City Day Tour will last for at least half of the day because most of the different tourist spots in stored in the Day tour are at least 5-minutes away from each other. So this means that you could have more time to get to know and visit the different places.

You will start from the Taoist temple and end up at the Taboan Dried Fish and Delicacies. Learn many significant learnings about the Cebu city because there is so much activities/places waiting for you, so don't doubt anymore. Arrange your day tour together with the help of our professional tour guides and have fun enjoying the tour with your family or friends.

If you want to learn more about the different Cebu Tours, you can always contact any of our travel agents or visit our official website WOW Philippines Travel Agency. You can also go directly to our official Cebu Packages website.

Mactan Island Tour

Mactan Island is at least half an hour away from the heart of Cebu the Cebu city. For those who are looking for a information-giving tourist spot, a place for market stuff, different crafts and musically inclined, the Mactan Island Tour is for you! It will only take half of the day, just like a day tour and you are also provided with a mode of transportation. WOW Philippines Travel Agency is giving you a chance to visit and experience all of this special points of the Mactan Island. Our official travel agents has strategically planned each tourist spot that is included in this tour where in it is suitable for any children, young at heart, couples or even a group of friends. You are rest assured that the Mactan Island Tour will definitely meet your expectations. Don't think twice in arranging this tour for your family or friends, because at the end of the tour, you sill surely learn a whole of new information about the culture of Cebu and their important crafts.

Looking for more information? You can go directly to our official website, WOW Philippines Travel Agency or Cebu Tours. We will all be glad to assist you with all your needs and we will give you your very own tour vacation in Cebu city, Philippines.

Beach Tour with Lunch

Do you want to skip all the city tour and just explore the beauty of the different white sand beaches in Cebu? Don't worry because we've got it all planned for you. We have picked one of the beautiful and affordable white sand resort in Cebu city, the Cebu White Sand Resort in Mactan Island, Philippines. Of course, as a traveler you wouldn't miss this once of a lifetime opportunity to visit and experience the different cool and stylish facilities of the Cebu White Sand Resort, dip into the calming waters of the beach and share a feast with your loved ones with a beautiful view of the sea. All of the scheduled activities for the Beach Tour that you arranged for your family or friends will surely be worth it.

Want to plan ahead with the help of our official travel agents? You can always contact us or visit us at our office WOW Philippines Travel Agency. We also have our official website, Cebu Tours or Cebu Packages to help you choose what to book with our agents and we are looking forward for your booking arrangement in the future.

Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel with Dinner

Conquer your fear of heights by trying this wonderful Sky Experience Adventure offered by one of the most popular hotels in Cebu, The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Fuente Osmeña Boulevard. Let your fears be swept away enjoy the tremendous height of the tower away from the ground. Ride the different kinds of challenging activities that awaits you, but be sure that you will all try and experience it because it's in the package that you paid. After facing your fear, you can also access their restaurant that has an International buffet where different cuisines will all be aligned there waiting for you to pick up and taste every one. Aren't you excited already? If you're still thinking twice, think no more because this will definitely bring you a life-changing experience that you will never ever forget.

Want to book now? WOW Philippines Travel Agency is here to help and assist you with your very own tour packaging. Contact us at our office in Manila.